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Land does not need us but we need land. Land does not belong to us, or anyone in particular, we belong to land. As long as those simple meanings can replace the values and principles instilled in our brains by capitalist institutions (schools, government, media, church (organized religion), even community and family can be capitalist institutions), we can continue discussing what we can and what we shouldn't do on land. If privatization of land and freedom of exploitation and abuse continues we will have less and less time left on the planet.

In this late stage of earth ecosystem destruction, biodiversity collapse, deforestation, pollution, atmosperic warming, we should become conscious and knowledgeable of what we can do, and what we shouldn't do, on land and sea, that is the earth's thin film of life in general. We can't afford ignorance and mindlessness anymore. We are on the verge of a massive life extinction event and we are the primare cause of accelerating the event.

To simplify the matter only permaculture as a general principle covers every aspect of how we should deal with land. At least from there we can carry on discussion. Orgnaized, massive, industrial agriculture, as we have learned to grow food in the 20th century, is out of the question and it is the number 1 cause of ecosystem collapse, despite of green propaganda about combustion, greenhouse gases, and electrical substitution of luxuries. Some industries are right now retooling under this myth they have spread, and sell as green development. Unfortunately the ecological movement has been so naive and coerced, as well as heavily funded, to avoid the real problems for solutions that are not really solutions, and the few that are can be handled from within capitalism. The real solution is outside of capitalism and there is no funding for this truth.

To discuss this and anything relevant to what is stated here let's all meet here: reddit discussion forum

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