pozol.eu brings you threads to unravel

pozol.eu brings you threads to unravel

This is a thread that needs unravelling, like our enslaved lives in this game board called global capitalism, or as some indigenous Chiapas residents call the "Hydra Capitalista". To unravel the thread means to escape, and to escape alone is meaningless and useless, unless a group or a community escapes, and their lives will and can be different.

How will they be different if in fact they can be different?

You will not have to worry about shelter, food, water, health services, learning, and be stressed to face homelessness, malnutrition, starvation, thirst, cold, illness, or lack of information alone. As long as such are available to the community we will all have access to them as much as we need, and by as much as we can contribute. So this defines the community and its value, or rather defines the values and the principles of community.

Can this be done from within the hydra capitalista, or do we need to step out of it completely? This is another thread that will need unravelling soon ..."outside the hydra", For now let us stick to the choice of getting OUT.

But how do we get there and what is preventing us? First we need to define who, or rather with who, then we need to define collectively why. When we collectively answer why, then we have to answer how. And there are ways so the "who" will not fall apart, nobody will be left out, oppressed, taken advantage of, manipulated, or exploited, by others. The way is to remain equal, but not equal in the amount of beans we eat, or the number of shocks we get, but equal in the decision process of what we would then call we. If not equal, how? We have tried those gifted, charismatic, artists of rhetoric and populism, experts on ideology and theory, and they have all failed us again and again. So there is another way. And we need to define US and them.

To escape as a group we need to ensure we have adequate and minimal autonomy, meaning we can provide the initial adequate necessities, while we can anticipate we will have adequate general social support so we will not be stopped, imprisoned, divided, executed, or generally destroyed as a community. Our best defense system is what we propose and how we fight for our right to exist and to survive with dignity and within reason. And this should never be a secret, it must be loud, clear, and binding on who we are and who we are not.

To achieve any minimal degree of autonomy we need land, not to purchase, or posess, but to occupy, because we deserve to have land, and it will be our land. Without land there is no autonomy. Autonomy is constructed on land, or there will never be any. It is this land, we once had the luxury to have in common (public land), that they are taking gradually and methodically away. First they rename public land (and water bodies) as "state property", then they present us with a fiscal crisis, and the choice to pay enormous taxes or sell off "state property". In most cases, where people are divided and powerless both taxes and land sell off occurs. Progressively all we have left is private land, and lately private water. And it is harder and harder to take back what is private within a system legitimizing private owenrship and defending inequality with vicious militancy. It is all a system of legitimizing theft and posession, legitimizing inequality, and legalizing poverty, thirst, hunger, and lack of human dignity.

So this brings us to the sensitive issue of what to do with land, and this we will explore next, on our next text ...land

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