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pozol is a traditional indigenous drink of South Mexico and Central America, made of corn and sometimes sugar and cocoa. A soft drink from a world that sustained 10000 years developing many different cultures, languages, traditions, then was violently disrupted by the European invasion more than 500 years ago. Despite the odds their endurance and resistance reflects in the maintenance of their struggling identity. In the world of conformity and market homogeneity those tribes exist and defend their autonomy and the land "they belong to".

In the world of Heineken, CocaCola, and RedBull, some still drink Pozol. And such a practice gives us hope. In the same manner FOSS (Free Open Source Software) has not totally been derrailed by the hydra of industrial/financial cartels. Joborun is such a healthy sign of resistance, in the manner FOSS was meant to be. We are happy to share a home with the Joborun project, we enjoy using their software and we hope you will join us into this sharing escapade.

As our lives within the walls of the hydra monster appear complex, stressful, with decreasing dignity and meaning, we tend to feel as we are tangled up with threads that if we were to escape we need to unravel. So we host this project of unravelling threads in line with the spirit (??) of pozol and joborun linux.

please do try joborun linux you will not be dissapointed.

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